When I was 15 years old I borrowed my father’s camera to take on a school trip to London. I took a few pictures around Trafalgar Square and since that day I’ve been hooked on photography. The bathroom soon became a darkroom and just a few months later I joined the British Army to become a professional photographer.

After an intensive 6 months of training I was sent to the Far East and and took photographs for the Army in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Brunei and Hong Kong.

Six year later I left the Army to pursue a career in newspapers and magazines. Later I became a freelance photographer. In those times I travelled extensively to countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

50 years after my first introduction to photography I now take photographs for my own pleasure and occaisionally take on the odd paid assignment. Please see my prices below.
l offer a wide variety of photographs for sale in the ‘Prints For Sale’ page. They are sure to satisfy your passions to turn your home into an oasis where some pieces of nice furniture and a bit of wall paint is not enough. I know that a wall hung with posters or art prints is essential to add atmosphere and that certain something to a room.

Sometimes, flowers can say more than a thousand words. They are a wonderful present, which comes from the heart and expresses love or emotion. But how about surprising your dear one with a flower picture instead of a bouquet? Flower pictures are both an extraordinary and enduring present of lasting value.

Somebody once asked me, ‘What is the best picture you have ever taken?’ My reply, ‘The next one.’

Many thanks – Paul Trumper