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Family portraits for me must of course be fun and capture the emotion and connection that every individual family has. All families have different dynamics, so for me each is a great challenge to get the end result that I am looking for. Working with family and children always fills me with so much gratitude, the emotion you get when I photograph a family together, is always pure and uninhibited, I just like to capture those “moments”.

I like to photograph at outdoor locations for families because I think they feel free, express themselves and have fun resulting in magical, natural images. When you book with me, we will have a telephone consultation to discuss whether the photo shoot concerns the best things to wear.

We shoot at a number of beautiful locations, such as beautiful beaches in Dovercourt, Frinton-on-Sea and Clacton-on-Sea, or beautiful forests in the Harwich and Manningtree areas. Working with natural light and capturing emotion is where I seem.

My style is relaxed and friendly (I am not intrusive with the children, because that does not bring out the best in them) patience is certainly a virtue when it comes to working with children, so I wait until they are happy and ready to have fun.

When the photo shoot is over, I will work with your images using high-quality photoshop technology, improve colors, tones and textures and give beautiful creamy skin tones.
If you want, we can work together to decide how best to show your favorite images so that they look great on your walls.

It is great to have images on disk, but so many people forget to print them and leave them on the disk for months (we do it all) without having the pleasure of exhibiting them so that you and your family can enjoy it.

The end result will be fantastic works of art that look great on the walls of your home.