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Autumn sparks a riot of activity. Days and nights may still be mild but the creeping chill and blustering winds that strip the colourful dry leaves from trees increase the sense of urgency for winter preparations. Foraging and feeding become a focus for birds and mammals. Animals, including birds and flying insects such as butterflies not intending to stay for winter are making their travel preparations, storing internal energy if they are large enough, perhaps grouping together and taking practice flights before setting out on their migratory routes.

Species that remain overwinter might take on a new winter wardrobe. Growing denser, longer winter coats keeps out some of the chill for many mammals, whereas birds might thicken their plumage. Autumn might be the turn in the cycle leading to dormancy but new life is also created as the larger mammals such as deer have their rutting seasons, with dominant males bellowing and asserting their harem mating rights through shows of strength.



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