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Cooking Hints

Do Not Refrigerate

Did you know that if you keep cucumbers, tomatoes and green peppers out of the refrigerator they will keep fresh longer.

Easily Break Down Poultry

A butcher’s trick for breaking down poultry: First, separate the legs from the body. Next, separate drumsticks from the thighs. Then, separate the wings from the body. Place the chicken breast-side down and cut along each side of the spine to remove the backbone. Finally, cut the breast in half.

Get A Healthy Dose of Omega 3s

To get a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids—without spending a fortune on fresh fish—incorporate canned anchovies into your cooking. Try sautéing them in olive oil and garlic before using, and they’ll dissolve into an olive-like relish. Or buy anchovy paste, which virtually disappears in sauces and salad dressings.

Save Excess Bacon Fat

It’s almost un-American to throw away bacon fat. Store the useful (if admittedly unhealthy) stuff in an airtight aluminium or stainless steel container in the freezer, and use it to make corn bread or fry eggs or potatoes. You can also use bacon fat instead of oil in a spinach salad: Combine two parts bacon fat to three parts balsamic vinegar. Add one part vegetable oil to the mix if you like a less pungent dressing.

Save a Scorched Pan

To save a scorched pan, sprinkle the burned bottom with baking soda, then add four to five tablespoons salt, plus enough water to cover, and let stand overnight. Scrape out charred remains with a rubber spatula.

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