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Food Advertising Photography

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This type of photography is not just used for ads but also for menus, brochures and bill boards. Props, supporting objects can be used more generously and creatively. This type of food photography tends to be less tedious than packaging, but still can be quite restrictive because of layout parameters.  There is usually a layout, and everyone expects that the final photo to end up looking very close to the Artist’s illustration. There is usually some room for taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities such as props or lighting special effects, but the end result must communicate the idea behind the photograph.

There are some constraints here but not as many as in Packaging type Food Photography. In addition, not all the food in the shot needs to be real. Since these photos can be used on bill boards and large ads in the magazine, the quality of photograph needs to be very high. This translates to high megapixel and high-end cameras.

Food ads do a great job of seducing us, but the harsh reality is that, all too often, the food in person looks nothing like it did in pictures. In some sense, these food photographers are geniuses — and magicians, wielding the powerful tools of professional lighting and Photoshop expertise. But for the customer, the discrepancy between food ads and reality can be a source of major culinary disappointment. So don’t let yourself be fooled,


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