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“Photography for me is not just looking, it’s feeling. If you cannot feel what you are looking at, you will never let others feel anything when they look at your photos. ”

Welcome to my website. When I was 15 years old I borrowed my father’s camera to take on a school trip to London. I took a few pictures around Trafalgar Square and since that day I’ve been hooked on photography. The bathroom soon became a darkroom and just a few months later I joined the British Army to become a professional photographer. After an intensive 6 months of photographic courses I was sent to the Far East and and took photographs for the Army in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Brunei and Hong Kong. Hence my love of Chinese food.

Six year later I left the Army to pursue a career in newspapers and magazines and 10 years after that I became a freelance photographer. In those times I travelled extensively to countries in Europe, South America and the Middle East.

Nearly 60 years after my first introduction to photography I now take photographs for my own pleasure and occasionally take on the odd paid assignment if it involves food photography.

If you have landed on this site expecting the pictures or recipes for those stupid little dishes that high end restaurants serve these days, then you should leave now! This blog is dedicated to those old fashioned dishes that were served to families all over the world before the chefs of today started to go mad, ie. proper food.

Looking for sous vide cucumber with cream cheese and miso bites recipe? – you won’t find it here!

Somebody once asked me, ‘What is the best picture you have ever taken?’ My reply, ‘The next one.’ (Later mis-quoted by Imogen Cunningham!)

Many thanks – Paul Trumper


Pictured with Anneka Rice at a reception.

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